“I have had breast cancer three times.

Once in 1994, when I had a lumpectomy, and a vast amount of radiotherapy treatment.

Twelve years later in 2006,I had a mastectomy.

I am now recovering from chemotherapy treatment after a diagnosis in July 2014, when I had lymphoedema in my arm of the mastectomy side and cancer cells in a lymph node in my neck.

A neighbour told me of Megan, who was interested in working with scar tissue

I arrived to see Megan, little knowing her skills.

I felt an instant warmth, which helped me feel comfortable showing her my mastectomy scar.

The scar was very bruised and stuck to my rib cage and there was no feeling or sensation.

It was difficult for me to stretch and raise my arm.

I have had three sessions with Megan. She gently massages the scar.The difference already is remarkable.

There is plumpness and sensation around the scar, and the discolouration has disappeared.

I can lift my arm freely.

I can hardly absorb what has happened.

I am wearing lower necklines again.

I will always be grateful to Megan for giving me back my confidence as a woman and retrieving a part of myself from which I had disconnected.

Megan is passionate about her work and I feel privileged to be part of it.


Such a light touch, I can’t believe it made such a difference. 


Not sure beforehand if this would be successful, but am pleased about the difference one treatment has made.


Thank you thank you thank you! You’ve given me back my life.


2 minutes and I could lift my arm up again after months of pain and misery. 


I couldn’t believe it! I kept looking for the pain and it had gone!


Wow! That’s amazing! Where do you keep your magic wand?


For some years arthritis has affected my right hand, especially my thumb  joint, which I could not fully extend, so I was limited in what I could pick up. But after a treatment lasting 10-15 minutes, so gentle I could not feel anything happening, I found I was able to extend my thumb in the normal way, which has made picking things up much easier and the improvement has been maintained.


Megan slid my collar bone back down from where it was jammed on top of my shoulder, and it just ‘went home’.


My deformed arthritic foot changed shape completely in just one treatment.