Simply ScarWork, A Touch of Emmett and BoneWork

How can these therapies help you?

ScarWork is a very gentle form of massage for scars, many of which can cause adhesions and restrictions

Emmett Technique is a fingertip pressure that helps to release tight tissues and ease pain and discomfort 

BoneWork helps to realign joints and improve movement 

Separately or together, these non invasive therapies can get you back on track

My name is Megan Bennett and I’ve been working in the complementary therapy industry since 2001.
I am based in Shaftesbury, North Dorset.
Originally I qualified in Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology, and over the years, I have furthered my career by gaining qualifications in other aspects of massage, i.e Hands Free, Deep Tissue, MFR.Other modalities include SCENAR, DORN Method and most recently, ScarWork, BoneWork and Emmett.

I have been doing ScarWork since 2014, and it has transformed how I work.

I see a lot of post mastectomy clients, enabling them to regain confidence in themselves, as well as improve the look, feel and function of their scars.

BoneWork came along in 2015 and works well with the Dorn Method (in which I trained in 2011).

A more recent addition to my tool box is Emmett, which is again, a very gentle therapy.

I have volunteered my time to Healing Hands Network (who organise therapists to go and help the victims of war in Bosnia), The Invictus Games Foundation (working with ex-servicemen and women who have lost limbs as a result of their tours of duty), and currently volunteer with The Weldmar Hospice Trust, working in palliative care.