Simply ScarWork

Developed over 40 years by Sharon Wheeler, this gentle therapy eases adhesions and torque caused by scars. 

Whether your scar is a result of surgery or an accident, ScarWork can make a big difference. 

Scars can have long-reaching effects throughout the body, causing seemingly unrelated symptoms and dysfunction.

Imagine a `pull’ in a jumper……this will distort the area around it. Now imagine it has a hole. If you gather up the edges and sew it up (like a scar), the look of it would be pulled and puckered, and you’d probably not wear it again!

Although some scars look nice and neat on the surface (particularly surgical scars), we can’t see what is going on underneath the skin. 

Tissue is laid down, often in an irregular fashion, to strengthen the damage area. This causes adhesions, which bind together tissues and structures, causing tightness and restrictions. 

Any scar, large, small, new or old can be improved. 

The actual scar (mark) will remain, but how it feels, and how you feel about it, will never be the same again!

This treatment is so gentle, it is suitable for all ages. 

I treat a lot of ladies who have had lumpectomies and/or mastectomies.

Scarring has a huge impact on our fascia

What is fascia?

It’s strong, slippery and wet, and it creates a sheath around muscles, organs, and bone -in fact, every cell in the body. It looks like a 3D spider web, holding everything in place, while allowing smooth gliding movements to take place. There are plenty of YouTube videos you could watch to see this fascinating structure.

What to expect at your appointment 

You will need to uncover the area where your scar is. 

You will be lying or reclined on a comfy couch in a warm room. 

I may well ask your permission to take before and after photos to chart changes. 

You will be treated with dignity and respect.

The treatment is extremely gentle and is within your comfort zone. I will check in with you regularly to make sure you are warm enough, comfortable and happy with what I’m doing. 


1 hour treatment £60

1/2 hour treatment £35

For information on ScarWork courses or to find a therapist in your area, please click on the links.